The T Club

So called because it meets every Tuesday afternoon and is a part of the table tennis club that plays purely for fun.  Some play in the league but many do not, in fact many don’t play any competitive table tennis.

The doors open at 1:15pm and play has usually concluded by about 4:00pm.  There is a break around 2:30 or so for a cup of tea, a biscuit and a natter.  Each year we play a couple of “challenge” matches against other like minded clubs in friendly competition.


It is for adults only and is very much classed as a social activity as there are many opportunities for juniors and top class players in other club sessions.  Please have a look at the Coaching page for these opportunities.


It is ideal for anyone wishing to build up a little fitness as we play a fair amount of doubles which tend to be less demanding.  But plenty of opportunities for singles.


For casual visitors the cost is only £3 per session but for those who wish to come on a regular basis it is possble to join as a full member at various levels which obviously makes it cheaper in the long term.


Eventually it is hoped to incorporate other afternoons into the social activities as this membership grows.

Former Club Chairman David Morley (left) with Harry Ward who oversaw the T Club for many years before the club moved to its new premises.  Harry was a founder member of Knighton Park Table Tennis Club.