Home night: Tuesday.

Mike Smith, capt.

Paul Ducksbury.

Robbie Bowsher.

Maya Dehnen.

Eddie Kwok.

A battle all season towards the bottom of the chart, but the whole team kept at it very well with Eddie showing continual improvement, as did Maya who is showing what might come in the future.  And Robbie keeps chipping away.

                                 pyd    %   PoM

Eddie Kwok               36   61.1   4

Mike Smith                36   41.7   1

Paul Ducksbury         35   40.0   0

Robbie Bowsher        35   28.6   0

Maya Dehnen            35   22.9   0

 KP9   5  Wigston Cons   5


  Eddie 3 , Mike 1   Robbie 0  Doubles- Eddie/ Robbie)


    Pete Garford 2  Mark Williams 2  Dave Starkie 1


  Excellent evening - good matches

 2 deuce losses for Mike and Robbie -otherwise...


  A fitting end to a most pleasant season 



 Well done to all - we survived yet again


  Thanks to Eric for looking after the Div and to John for the website


 Next year !