Friendly match Knighton Park v. Draycott and Long Eaton TTC on Wednesday 14th June 2017.


It was our turn to host this annual fixture, and the full team comprised 5 pairs as follows:-


1. Tim Cawston and Rod Pickering

2. Steve Bessant and Robert Geary

3. Eddie Kwok and Mike Smith

4. Alec Downes and Bill Walmsley

5. Shusheel Kumar and Bryan Moylan.


Team 1. This was the longest match of the day. Tim lost both his sets in 5 games, and Rod won one set and lost the other. The doubles set was another 5-gamer but this time our “boys” did the business, although the success didn’t save the match (2-3).


Team 2. Steve won both his singles, and Robert one, so “even-stephen” in the overall match score.


Team 3. A comfortable 4 – 1 victory opened up a nice gap; Eddie and Mike were unbeatable in the singles and only just lost the doubles 9 – 11 in yet another 5-gamer.


Team 4. Alec lost both his singles despite being 2-0 and 2-1 in the lead. Bill won a singles and the pair took the doubles, but the result was another 2-3 defeat. 


Team 5. Another tight match; a singles each for Shusheel and Bryan PLUS the all-important doubles (3-2). 


It was a good match overall, well contested. Team 3’s performance made all the difference.


The icing on the cake was the social gathering at the end. Shirley skilfully organised the refreshments but all the players contributed. Glenys and Jane provided literal “icing on cakes”, and Shusheel weighed in with his speciality, vegetable samosas.


So this was a thoroughly “good do”, well done everybody. 




Runners up medals for our boys.


It was a tough day with some really close matches.


We beat Westfield 7-2, and Milton Keynes 5-4, but Bedford Modern beat us again 5-4 and claimed first place.



Edward   W 3    L 0

Oscar.     W 2    L 1

Umar.      W 2    L 1


Milton Keynes

Edward.   W 3    L 0

Oscar.      W 1    L 2

Umar.       W 1    L 2



Edward.   W 2    L 1

Oscar.      W 1    L 2

Umar.       W 1    L 2


All smiles at the end as you can see...PHOTO


Steve Brown


Yesterday the 25th of February the team played the final session of this year’s competition and it turned out to be a really rewarding day for all the boys.

The team was the same as in the previous session at the beginning of this month, Rayan Kotecha, Oscar White, Rafe Walton and Brajesh Patel.

The opponents were also the same, and an opening match defeat by Lillington A 6-0 didn’t auger well, but Lillington finished as clear champions so perhaps such a result was a little inevitable.

From then on, everything was on the up.


The divisional status of each team is measured by how many games have been won. After the Day 3 session the players had won 9 and lost 21.

After Day 4 they had won 25 and lost 35, a great improvement and a positive achievement on the day, 16 for and 14 against.

Against runners up Great Stukely, a 1-5 previous defeat became a 2-4 defeat, a 2-4 reverse against Milton Keynes became a 3-3 draw, a 2-4 reverse at the hands of Rugby was turned into a 5-1 victory, and a 4- 2 win against St Neots A was improved to 5-1.


So a final placing of 4th (behind Milton Keynes) in Division 1 of this national competition was a great achievement and thoroughly deserved.


Oscar finished with an average of 52.63%, 10 wins from 19 played.

Rayan 45%, 9 wins from 20.

Rafe 22.22, 2 wins from 9.

Brajesh 20%, 2 wins from 10.


Everybody contributed and at all times they never failed to try, however tough the opponent. Well done lads, it has been a real pleasure to be part of the squad, non-playing of course!


Thanks again to Mike Walton for transport and support.



TONY ODAMS -- a short tribute

Our team competed in the National Junior League this season with Rayan Kotecha, Brajesh Patel, Vishaal Sharda and Oscar Bentley forming the squad. All the matches were played at the Westfield TTC in Wellingborough. Steve Adams was the coach and Steve Bentley helped with the transport, as well as being a true supporter.


The competition took place over four Saturdays, the first two days being played on a promotion/relegation basis, prior to the third and fourth days which were the competition proper.


At the outset we were placed in Division Two of Three Divisions, and remained there throughout.


After Day 3, the top four places from the total of six, were separated by single points, with our team in third position.  At this stage Brajesh was our leading performer, in second position.


So on to Day 4, the final session. Rayan had missed Day 3 due to illness, and now it was Vishaal who dropped out for a similar reason.


Everything was nip and tuck again as the day wore on, with our boys giving all the effort and ability they could muster.


The final placings went to the wire with our team deservedly taking the second spot, one point behind the leaders, but in the silverware.


Individually they excelled, Rayan finishing with 89% for this one session, Brajesh 80% over the two Days, and Oscar a very creditable 63% over the two Days. Vishaal achieved 40% on  the first Day, helping the team to a strong position at the halfway stage.


Overall this was an excellent performance from the team (inc Steve and Steve), representing the club in the finest way.


Well done everyone; congratulations and many thanks for your achievement,



National Junior League Report