LEAGUE ROUNDUP (Team reports) ​​

D4  KP IX v Nomads IV -- won 6-4

Milan Sodha 3, Bill Walmsley 1, Kenny Obisalo 1,

Milan/Bill 1.


Mark Clay 2  Laszlo Kosics 1  Dave Croucher  1


What a match, we were losing 4-2 and then the fight back started. Firstly Kenny had a great 5 set win over Laszlo, then Milan beat Mark, a brilliant game and then Bill beat Dave to make the 5-4 and the doubles still to play. Milan and Bill played Mark and Laszlo and in a very high standard and entertaining match we won in 4 to win the match 6-4.


Nomads are still not sure how they lost the match but it shows that determination not to give up does sometimes give you its reward.

Well played team on a thoroughly entertaining and high standard of table tennis.

No match next week, cup week, then it's Syston at home on the 24 Feb. Team Eddie, Mike, Milan




D2  KP IV v Queens -- lost 2-8

Mike Lapworth 1, Peter Wilson 1, Steve Adams 0


An away trip, to Barwell, for a match against high-flying Queen's.

We drew the first half match, but, as ever with B&W/Queen's, almost any result from 2-8 to 6-4 was possible.


We were nearly off to a flying start, with Steve going down 11-9 in the 5th to John Winsper.

Mike then levelled things, beating Dave Daniels 3-straight.

I was then comprehensively beaten by Nick Rayner (-4, -5, -7: steady improvement, but...).


Mike was then edged out 12-10 in the 5th by John before Steve lost (again in 5) to Nick.

I beat Dave (also 3-straight) to make it 2-4; it wasn't a million miles from being 4-2.


Nick beat Mike and John beat me to complete their maximums.

Dave beat Steve (12-10 in the 5th, naturally) and, with us losing the doubles, it was a 2-8 result (at the bottom end of the range of possible outcomes).


Lots of effort, lots of close results (although, strangely, a lot of very low scores in some of the individual games), and no points!

Nothing but a bit of a dent in Dave Daniels'average.

Still, the post-match food was very good (and, perhaps because of the rather small size of the playing area, an early finish so plenty of time to do it justice)...


Queen's: 8 (John Winsper 3, Dave Daniels 1, Nick Rayner 3; doubles -- Peter.

D5  KP X v Eagles -- won 7-3

Oscar White 3, Adam Green 2, Dan Pearson 1,

Oscar/Dan 1.


This was always likely to be a tricky match to predict.

For the opposition, Zoran had won all three in the earlier fixture. This time he won two but Dan and Adam had several chances to have beaten him before losing 12–10 in the fourth game. Adam’s other two sets were won in five games and if he had overcome Zoran, he would have achieved a fine treble.

Dan lost to Zeljko as well but Oscar was in fine form being unbeaten ( Zoran 9,4,3, and Zeljko 4,7.9,). He struggled most of all with Borislav but kept his concentration and came through in the end.


Victory in the doubles set, although not vital, proved difficult to achieve as Oscar and Dan went two games down before getting their act together and winning the next three. 


Well done guys.



D3  KP VII v Nomads II -- lost 4-6

Chris Parmar-Saville, Abraham Lam, Simon Aldis all 1

Chris/Simon 1


For once, bucking the trend of the whole season, KP seven’s players record was identical tonight. We all recorded victories against Trevor [Hawkins], Chris and Abraham’s particularly impressive because they came from behind after he was showing good attacking form that had not been evident against me. Tellingly though, and inversely, we all three lost to both Steve [Andrews] and Chris [Weston]. Steve’s serves once again made a significant difference between us, he was winning at least one out of two points on serve without us even managing to get the ball back over the net or on the table.

Chris was a model in obduracy. He rarely failed to return the ball, and therefore managed to nullify a wining proportion of points against Abraham and Simons attacking instincts, although they both managed some shots through the wall like defence, percentagewise he crept up on them winning close games, Simon went to deuce 3 times. Chris's game against him was an absolute war of attrition, much like when Martin played John B earlier on in the season, again the match went all the way to 5, could've gone in either direction, but, after 40 minutes Chris W just won out, it is testament to his skill and desire to win, that he was victorious over all 3 of us without playing  an attacking stroke.

  Victory for Chris and Simon in the doubles was good reward for a positive approach, and some battling qualities; but only one point leaves us still locked together with Blaby at the bottom of the table.  Simon.